20+ presentations by renowned experts

Panel Discussion: 8 discussants

  • Strategies for advancing China-Nigeria collaboration for the control and elimination of NTDs
  • Looking for funding of African NTDs Researchers: Where and where not to look

Plenary Sessions

  • Bacterial infectious diseases
  • Viral infectious diseases
  • Protozoa infectious diseases
  • Helminths infectious diseases
  • Mosquito borne diseases
  • Blood borne infectious diseases
  • Other neglected conditions
  • Risk Factors and Challenges
  • Support and funding
  • Geographic, Environmental, and Social Determinants
  • Ecology and Economic Development
  • Economic and Social impact of NTDs
  • Biostatistics, Mapping and Mathematical Modelling
  • Technical feasibility
  • PCT NTD (Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis, Trachoma, STH, Lymphatic filariasis)
  • Case management NTDs
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) and Conflict areas
  • Policy and stakeholders’ challenges
  • Operational and Implementation researches
  • Mapping of vector distribution
  • Snails ecology and control
  • Arthropods ecology and control
  • Ectoparasites control